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“[TRIS] helped me as a person more than anything. My experiences prepared me overall to face the outside world and to find my own natural resilience and adaptability. Academically, TRIS game me a rounded and complete education. Life skills I learned at TRIS most importantly taught me how to learn, so that I could continue learning in the future. Overall, TRIS helped me cope with the huge change into public high school.” –Attended TRIS from age 2 through 8th grade


“The best memories I have of TRIS were of traveling to different places with my classmates. Leslie and Nathalie (Hites) were my biggest influences because they always pushed me to overcome my challenges. I think of Leslie as a second mom and Nathalie as an older sister.” Attended TRIS from preschool through 8th grade


“By being self sufficient and trained in planning of resources and skills for managing my own education and learning, I have been able to manage theater troupes and shows well. Taking the skills and ideas from TRIS of taking charge of your education and life, I have created programs and pursued the ideas and projects I am interested in and curious about.  --Irum and Jutka were very influential figures in my life. Irum was my teacher for many years and her support and education taught me many skills for later in life. My music education has also helped me with focus and gave me an appreciation for the arts that have driven me in my career.” Attended TRIS from age 2 through 4th grade


“TRIS did give me more learning skills (as opposed to memorization). A measure of individual learning and exploration [at TRIS] aided me in my future schooling. --I really enjoyed the trips we took. This was supremely unique, especially for what age we were and I can still remember the camping trips we took or field trips to museums and such. The people I remember quite clearly influencing me include Jutka, Leslie, Susan, Irum and Evelyn.” Attended TRIS from age 2 through 4th grade

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“My favorite memories [at TRIS] are of exploring the attic to find things to make into art with Jenny and creating operas and cooking with Jutka! Jutka, Susan, Jenny and Irum were all amazing - they helped me gain a love of music, art, and learning early on.” Attended TRIS from age 2 through 5th grade


“My organizational skills and drive were qualities that I acquired while attending TRIS. The Spanish and music foundation that I gained at TRIS served me extremely well in high school. Knowing how to read music served me very well in the vocal and instrumental music groups that I was a part of in high school. In addition, Spanish came fairly easily to me in high school even though I did not take a language in middle school. I think that my success in Spanish was due, in part, to the Spanish education at TRIS.” –Attended TRIS from 1st through 6th grades


“My favorite memories while at TRIS are from the trips that we took to Mexico where we got to meet new people and sing with them. Jutka was very influential because I learned so much from her.” Attended TRIS from1st through 5th grades


I became a more independent thinker, which gave me a different approach on everyday problems. My fondest memories of my time at TRIS are making musicals with Jutka, the trip to Washington D.C. with Evelyn, and making the wood projects with Jill. Jutka greatly influenced my love for music and my desire to keep on studying piano afterwards.” Attended TRIS from 3rd through 5th grades


“By attending [TRIS] my knowledge and way of learning was taken to a new level, which help set me further and in more rigorous courses once I began h.s. --My fondest memories from attending [TRIS] were all of the wonderful and diverse group of friends I spent so much time connecting with, friends that I still keep in touch with today. The school system and taking part in cultural trips really allowed is to bond as we furthered our education, forming lifetime relationships. One staff member that I really loved was Jutka. Although she had, and still does, have a very stern side to her, she is very fun loving and so kind. She was a wonderful teacher and somebody that I look up to. I wanted to be in the choir and learn to play the piano just to spend time with Jutka. She made me like music; Jutka made me want to understand it.” Attended TRIS from 1st through 3rd grades