The Renaissance International School's (TRIS) The Parents Association is pleased to announce our first associates partnership. We are now participating in the  Associates Program. This means that a percentage of purchases that are made with  by clicking through our website link will provide support to TRIS by way of the Parents Association of The Renaissance International School. We thought that Amazon  would be a great company to start this with because books have always been at the heart of their business. However, the program extends to virtually all purchases.

To support The Parents Association of The Renaissance International School when you purchase from , click on the icon below:


About eScrip: eScrip is a California-based corporation dedicated to establishing relationships between commerce and community to provide resources to organizations that support children. eScrip and The Parents Association of  The Renaissance International School have partnered to raise valuable funds that are contributed to our budget each year.
What You Need to KnowThere are no fees to sign up in the eScrip program. This is a means to fundraise without a change to existing shopping habits and methods of payment. One may utilize grocery store club cards, debit, and/or credit card transactions.
Enroll the whole family and eScrip will safely and securely track individuals’ spending with the various merchant partners. A percentage of the gross spent is then contributed back by the merchant partners to eScrip. That percentage is then divided between eScrip and The Parents Association of The Renaissance International school.
PLEASE CONSIDER registering a business credit card your company uses to purchase big ticket items.
This is a critical source of funds. Please enter our supporter id   118360594



Our Associates Program: This is one of our efforts to respond to requests by alumni and friends for creative ways they can support The Parents Association of  The Renaissance International School. At a time when money is especially tight, this is one way to allow money spent to count twice:it allows one to purchase what one needs and to provide support for our goals. Over time, we’ll be exploring other associates partners. While working with an associates partner does not imply any endorsement of that partner or of their policies, we will evaluate each partner to ensure that their overall record of doing business is not in direct conflict with our mission and values. We will be looking for other partnering opportunities, so please feel free to suggest any that you think might be a good fit.