International Cultural Trips

At the Primary level we bring world cultures to the child;

At the Elementary level we provide the opportunity for the child to travel and share an experience with her peers that allows them to witness, connect and engage with different cultures;

At the Secondary level the adolescent is ready and anxious to engage and collaborate with different cultures.

The Purpose of the International Cultural Trips for the elementary and secondary students is to provide an opportunity for the each student to:

· Participate in trips they have imagined and researched with their friends

· Achieve a higher level of independence by exercising the responsibility of taking care of himself, his peers and belongings for a two week period

· Experience firsthand what she has been studying

· Practice one of the languages spoken at TRS – when applicable

· Share with children from another culture common interests

· Immerse himself in the life of the culture for two weeks

· Experience and appreciate for herself the universal elements of different cultures from hers:

o Cuisine

o Fashion

o Architecture

o Work

o Community service

o Recreation

o Celebrations

o Beliefs

o Art

o Music

o Literature

o Theater

*Experience the climate, flora and fauna of a different ecosystem or possibly ecosystems

*Develop respect and appreciation for and a feeling of connection for his place in the human family

Elementary students at TRIS have traveled to:

*Oaxaca, Mexico in 2006

*Hungary in 2007

*Yucatán Península in México in 2009

*France in Spring 2014

*China in Fall 2014