Our music curriculum offers a comprehensive program that addresses the musical needs of children beginning in early childhood. The program is based upon the Kodály Method of teaching, founded in Hungary by Zoltán Kodály.


The philosophy behind our music program is to foster the child’s educational experience through sound ability, to utilize and control the first musical instrument known to mankind, the voice, and to develop a basis to stimulate and enhance learning in academics.

As the children develop their abilities, they advance to the Renaissance International School's various ensembles, private lessons, and subjects within our music program.

The current music program comprises several facets:

  • Introductory small group lessons using the Kodály method
  • Introductory choral ensemble for children who have learned to reproduce and identify notes with clarity and precision
  • Introduction to performance etiquette
  • Second level choral ensemble for those children who are ready to sing two-part music
  • Third level choral ensemble for those children who are ready to sing multiple-part music
  • Introduction to performance with non-parent audiences
  • Private instrumental lessons including the piano and the recorder, to be followed by the flute, the violin and the classical guitar
  • Music appreciation and music history.

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